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TCJ Research Oregon: Barack Obama- 47%, Mitt Romney- 45%

October 31, 2012

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TCJ Research Oregon

Mitt Romney- 45%
Barack Obama- 47%

1000 LV, 3% MOE

Sample consists of 33% Democrat, 28% Republican, and 39% Unaffiliated/Other.

All ID Democrats Republicans Independents
Romney 45.3 11.9 86.3 44.1
Obama 47.0 81.2 7.3 46.6
Undecided 7.7 6.9 6.4 9.3

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  1. Eric permalink

    Are you going to be polling Michigan?

    • TCJ Research permalink

      We’re working on that right now. Started in the field tonight, will wrap up interviews tomorrow night. Going for a Friday release.

  2. I hope Oregon gives Mitt and some Pubs a chance to overcome Obamacare, joblessness, Benghazi and especially our lack of energy. Common sense voters will in other states , why not Oregon?

  3. justin permalink

    Romney will win Oregon. Shock the world.

  4. Hector permalink

    If Romney wins Oregon, This is going to be like the 1980 elections.

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