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TCJ Research Wisconsin Poll: Mitt Romney- 50%, Barack Obama- 48%

October 29, 2012

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TCJ Research Wisconsin

Mitt Romney- 49%
Barack Obama- 46%

1000 LV, 3% MOE

33% Democrat, 35% Republican, 32% Unaffiliated/Other

All ID Democrats Republicans Independents
Romney 49.5 7.4 87.8 52.5
Obama 47.6 90.5 8.3 44.9
Undecided 2.9 2.1 3.9 2.6

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  1. Man i really hope your polls are right and the rest are wrong. It seems that your polls really nail party id and others are off. Either you will look like genious on election day or you probably wont poll again lol. What other polls are your doing this week?

    • TCJ Research permalink

      Obviously we think we’re right, but we’ll be around post-election regardless of the result! We’ve got a full slate of polls in all of the battleground states that will come out as the week progresses. Stay tuned!

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